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This video demonstrates the tools provided by WordPress to manage your site, including importing, exporting, and backing up your content.

WordPress tools covered in this video:

  • Quick publishing via the Press This bookmarklet.
  • The Category/Tag conversion tool.
  • How to import posts and comments from other blog services.
  • How to easily backup or export your WordPress content at any time.

In this video, we mentioned two backup services…

VaultPress — Easy, automated backups. Easy restores. Daily security scans with one-click repairs.

BackupBuddy — Hands-down, the best way to back up (and move) a WordPress site.

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Every day, I help people learn how to use WordPress to build their own online business, website, or blog. In 2008, I created WordPress 101, which has helped more than two million beginners learn how to use WordPress.


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