The All-New WordPress 101 Video Tutorial Series for Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to use the all-new Gutenberg Block Editor in WordPress 5.0 to build your own personal blog, business site, or online store? This brand new, 34-part course will teach you all the WordPress basics and much more. Ready to get started?

Updated for the all-new Gutenberg Block Editor in WordPress 5.0!

This is our brand new WordPress 101 course, completely rewritten for the all-new ‘Gutenberg’ Block Editor in WordPress 5.0 and newer. Since 2008, we’ve updated the WordPress 101 video series with every major WordPress release. If you are using the Classic Editor Plugin, or WordPress 4.9 or older, please check out the WordPress 101 Classic course instead.

The current editor got us through the last 14 years. We want Gutenberg to get us through the next 14.” Matt Mullenweg, Creator of WordPress

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to build and manage your own WordPress website. You’ll learn how to use the all-new Block Editor in WordPress 5.0 to create media-rich custom layouts. And you’ll be comfortable adding images, video, PDF files, and using the Customizer to personalize the design of your site.

More than just videos. Real-world help and advice.Shawn Hesketh, Creator of WP101, in the recording studio

You don’t have to learn WordPress alone! When you take this course, you’ll also be able to ask questions and get answers to your WordPress questions directly from Shawn and our other WordPress experts.

Each video builds on concepts from the one before. So we recommend that you watch the videos in order. But you’re more than welcome to pick and choose, and when you need a break, just pause and then pick up right where you left off.

To get started, simply scroll down and watch the first seven videos for FREE. When you’re ready, unlock the rest of the course with an All-Access Passwhich includes every course on this site!

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Exploring Blocks

Managing Your Site

What Others Have Said

Very Helpful Tutorials
By: Mike Neighbors

The lessons were very helpful in understanding what WordPress can do and how to use it. I would recommend them to anyone getting started. I’m sure I’ll be referring to them again as I begin building my first site. The explanation of blocks in the Gutenberg editor was especially helpful.


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