How to Create Custom Forms in WordPress with Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is easily one of the most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use form builder plugins for WordPress. In this hour-long course, we’ll show you how you to install and use the Ninja Forms plugin to build just about any type of form you can imagine — from simple contact forms to event registrations, file uploads, payments, and more!

Ninja Forms includes over a dozen pre-built templates to help you add custom forms to your site with just a few clicks. Or, you can build custom forms in minutes using a simple, ‘drag-and-drop’ form builder.

If you’re a site owner, you’ll love how quickly and easily you can design complex forms with absolutely no code. Best of all, you can start using Ninja Forms on your website today… absolutely FREE!

But there are also dozens of helpful add-ons to extend Ninja Forms, making it even more powerful. In this course, we’ll introduce you to several of the most popular add-ons for Ninja Forms, and show you how you can use them to increase form conversions, build a mailing list, collect payments, or connect to your favorite productivity tools.

We partnered with the Ninja Forms team to create this 18-part course. In just a little over an hour, you’ll learn how to:

Getting Started with Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms Basics

Next Steps with Ninja Forms


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