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If you want to publish a list of events on your WordPress website, in a beautiful, interactive format, you’ll want to install an events calendar plugin. But how do you choose between dozens of event calendar plugins for WordPress? How do you know which one is best? Then, how do you promote your events, start accepting RSVPs, or selling tickets?

In this easy, step-by-step course, we’ll introduce you to TWO of our favorite event calendar plugins for WordPress: The Events Calendar and Event Espresso

Both of these event calendar plugins will enable you to display the dates, times, and even maps for your events, plus collect attendee details, RSVPs, and more.

But there are also add-ons available to create even more powerful calendars, like shortcodes to promote events anywhere on your site, or even create and send email newsletters, making your events even more successful. In this course, we’ll cover some of the most popular features, and show you how to get more out of your events.

This course is divided into two sections, one for each of these two popular event calendar plugins. Each section contains dedicated videos for one of the plugins. You’ll be able to see how each plugin tackles these tasks… then choose which one you want to use on your own site!

In less than 45 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Decide which event calendar plugin is best for you.
  • Download, install, and configure an event calendar plugin for WordPress.
  • Help your visitors find your upcoming events with a link in your site’s menu.
  • Show a map to your event location using Google Maps.
  • Collect payments for your event with PayPal, saving yourself transaction fees for services like Eventbrite.
  • Collect RSVPs, including the name and email address of attendees.
  • Add a list of events to any page, blog post, or widget area on your WordPress site using a shortcode.
  • Create and send an email announcement about your upcoming event with just one click and no errors — because nobody wants to send the wrong time or location of an event!
  • Plus much more!

Brian Hogg, WordPress Developer and InstructorAbout the Instructor, Brian Hogg

Brian Hogg is a long-time developer and creator of multiple in-person and online courses. For the last few years, his primary focus has been on WordPress, and he’s created multiple plugins, both free and premium.

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