2020’s Best “Website Builder” Reviews

Our web builder reviews represent one of the most fun parts of our jobs. Getting to play around in the backends of so many interfaces, timing how quickly we can get a functional site design up on the web, browsing themes, and envisioning how readers can leverage these platforms into exciting new online ventures is a blast.

Let’s cover some of the highlights of choosing a web host for site building, and then feel free to poke around our reviews to learn about the virtual playground that awaits.

There are two paths one can take to build your website: template-based content management systems, like WordPress or Joomla, or a drag-and-drop website builder provided in a hosting package.

One option involves opening up an app in your hosting control panel and using a point-and-click methodology to customize a site. This is the WYSIWYG website builder route — where what you see is what you get.

The second option involves a one-stop shop for hosting and a WYSIWYG website builder, where what you see is what you get. Both are easy and affordable, so don’t let software installations or funny acronyms scare you away!

Using a self-hosted platform, like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, is arguably more suited for experienced site owners, but plenty of first-timers have taken on WordPress and fallen in love. We tested the top hosts for WordPress, as well as Drupal and Joomla, so be sure to check out our recommendations for hosting with these popular website building software programs.

Best Host for WordPress: InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting caters to WordPress users with hosting packages featuring the content management and blog building software pre-installed. With unlimited disk space at your disposal, you can build a custom, dynamic WordPress website designed to grow. If you consider yourself somewhat of a WordPress site collector, you’ll appreciate that InMotion Hosting lets you host unlimited WP sites on one account.

Best Host for Joomla: SiteGround

Installing Joomla can be done in one click with SiteGround — just log into your cPanel dashboard and install the CMS software directly. While Joomla is a platform more suited for developers and seasoned site owners looking to build websites and manage content, it’s hard to beat the cost of SiteGround. Plus, you get a boatload of storage and domain perks, which extend SiteGround’s value as a host overall.

Best Host for Drupal: SiteGround

Again, Drupal’s out-of-the-box security and SiteGround’s SSD speed are a match made in hosting heaven. The teams behind Drupal and SiteGround are each avidly committed to building robust technologies to benefit their users. Let it be known, we did warn you that Drupal is typically not for first-time site owners, but, frankly, neither is SiteGround. These two hosting and website building powerhouses are exceptional — a dynamic duo fit for proficient website owners and developers.

Route B is by way of the hosted site builder. Many platforms provide easy-to-use, drag-and-drop site builder tools to ease customers into the idea of web design. Next, we’ll talk about a few providers who really hit this out of the park.

Best for a Simple Website Builder: Wix

Drag-and-drop builders are strongest when made simple. This is a challenge for hosting service providers, as each step forward in simplicity risks two steps backward in intuitiveness. Balancing ease of use with functionality, the Wix web builder comes with tons of industry-specific templates. You can choose your aesthetic starting point, and point and click to customize to your heart’s desire.

Best for a Cheap Website Builder: Bluehost

Who doesn’t love cheap hosting services? As much as everybody wants to go for free or the lowest price possible in any shopping endeavor, we frequently remind hosting shoppers to look at the overall value a hosting or site building package offers. Is a 99-cent website builder really worthwhile if you’re limited to one page, the theme designs are dull at best, and you barely have control over the color palettes?

Instead, aim for a website builder with a trusted reputation in the industry. Weebly is one of the foremost names in the site building arena, and Bluehost web builder plans include Weebly as a standard. As difficult as it is to top Weebly’s site builder prowess, Bluehost’s price is hard to beat, making its plans our favorite in affordable website building.

Do you need a website builder for personal or professional use? Is it just you, or you and a team making this site happen? Will you need ecommerce functionality? Let’s discuss.

Best Website Builder for Small Business

Business owners have a lot to think about — there are product roadmaps, staffing decisions,  profit and loss projections, and marketing. Who has time to worry about website building when you’d rather be focused on your trade?

InMotion Hosting caters its plans to business needs, and its website builder is no exception. BoldGrid works on top of WordPress to turn the site builder software into an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface for impressive custom designs. Easily add shopping carts and payment processors, and you’re ready for sales. Backed by InMotion Hosting support, server reliability, and SSD speed, your business’s web design is in the best hands.

Best Website Builder for DIYers

Maybe your upcoming project is for personal use — an online résumé, portfolio, or the like. If that’s the case, surely time is of the essence, and yet you don’t want to sacrifice the look and feel of your personal branding.

A custom site builder comes standard across iPage shared hosting plans, meaning you get one of the web’s most intuitive and versatile builders with the support of one of the most trusted web hosts. You’ll enjoy the thousands of unique themes and templates almost as much as you’ll appreciate the ridiculously reasonable price.

You don’t have to be a website building professional to get an online presence that looks like it was made by one! Sign up for a plan, play around with themes, and see for yourself. Get your hands on one of the builders above, and you’ll want to come up with an online project to take on — if you don’t have one in mind already. May the site building odds be ever in your favor!


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