2020’s Best “Managed WordPress Hosting” Plans

If you love WordPress but don’t necessarily want to maintain every aspect of the software or your server, you might be a match for WordPress managed hosting.

The hosts we chose to highlight in our reviews above enable you to focus on the content and business-critical objectives your website needs to succeed, while expert technicians handle tedious server management tasks, security, and performance optimizations. Let’s go over why we chose the hosts we did to top our reviews for 2020.

InMotion Hosting has long since been among our favorite WordPress hosting providers in general, so it should come as no surprise that the company leads the charge in managed service offerings.

There are many reasons to choose WordPress as the content platform for your website and many reasons to opt for a managed web host to help you maintain it. Chief among those reasons is often performance. The WordPress software is powerful, and InMotion Hosting has the hardware infrastructure to match. What’s more: The company touts SSD storage for up to 20x faster page load speeds, and their team is keeping an eye on your site and server 24/7.

With the company’s price point and legacy of reliability, InMotion Hosting is aptly suited for individual site creators, small business owners, and enterprise organizations. If performance and agility are on your list of needs for your WordPress site, InMotion Hosting’s managed WordPress offerings can help you get the job done.

Let’s just say, SiteGround has its bases covered when it comes to business-focused web hosting. The company’s offerings run the gamut — from business-class email hosting to enterprise-grade dedicated servers — and so does its clientele.

Something we loved about SiteGround is its staging area and custom caching tools. SiteGround’s flexible staging area makes it easy to test out site changes and deploy updates while delivering your sites with speed.

While just about everything said about SiteGround’s services could be said of Liquid Web, this host has a higher-end client base. The most noteworthy difference: Liquid Web doesn’t offer shared hosting. Touting strictly cloud-based and dedicated servers automatically kicks the company’s price point up a few notches, but the performant hardware, diligent technical support, and premiere security monitoring resources deem them worth the cost.

If you’re in need of a premium web hosting experience, look no further than Liquid Web’s managed dedicated or VPS services . The company’s Heroic Support will be there to help you scale your business through every stage.

WPEngine’s differentiator: The company only offers WordPress hosting. For some folks, this may be a deal-breaker, but for managed WordPress hosting seekers, WPEngine’s performance-intensive servers and managed services for WordPress pack the perfect one-two punch.

The company’s cost is on the higher end of the spectrum to offset the power of the hardware, the level of support, and the various optimization technologies at customers’ disposal. This is offputting to first-time site owners, but perhaps, just what the hosting doctor prescribed for enterprise websites.

Recommended by the WordPress team itself, Bluehost leads in a lot of hosting niches. The company’s WordPress offering is no different — managed services come standard across all WP plans!

What makes Bluehost so appealing as a starter managed WordPress host is the company’s simplicity of service: Annual plan holders get a free domain name registration, automatically configured WordPress, and you never have to worry about updating the WordPress core. It’s stress-free hosting service at its finest — and Bluehost’s pricing is hands-down some of the best you’ll find as an entry-level website owner.


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