2019’s Best “Windows VPS Hosting” Reviews

Navigating the web host shopping experience can go one of two ways. The first route takes you on an exhilarating adventure in which you set out to find a server for a one-time, short-term project and wind up 80 miles north, embraced by the welcoming arms of a host you can call home. Route Two is that 1990s family road trip gone wrong — where there’s no GPS, dad won’t ask for directions, and you wind up in no-man’s land suffering through a vending machine dinner. There is no in between.

Fortunately, it’s 2019, and you have us to guide you through your pre-purchase journey. Today’s adventure takes place in the wilds of Windows hosting, and the first stop on our itinerary is the best VPS Windows hosting provider. Away we go!

Before we head out, let’s make sure we know what landmarks to look for on the road. As we were conducting our in-depth reviews that led us to endorse the top hosts above, we had a few hallmarks on our mind:

  • A Windows operating system (or choice of Windows/Linux)
  • Compatibility with Windows-friendly technologies such as ASP and ASP.NET
  • SSD storage and performance boosts
  • A hefty amount of RAM and a boatload of computing power
  • Monitoring and security features to ensure your web app or site is online and protected
  • Windows/SQL Server (2012 or later)
  • Uptime, uptime, uptime!! (99.99% or better, ideally)
  • Any other Windows-specific support

When you inevitably notice a recurring theme among our reviews, now you’ll understand why. The best Windows hosts have honed in on what makes a pleasant VPS hosting experience for hosting customers who prefer the legacy Windows operating system.

These are typically web developers and folks who specifically need to use Windows-only programs, like Visual Basic, so the web hosts that made the cut here have zeroed in on those users’ needs. Few of the industry’s most popular hosts even offer Windows hosting, and even fewer have gone on to perfect it. Let’s take a look at the all-stars in this particular hosting niche.

If you’re looking for best-in-class VPS hosting for Windows — the most reliable and powerful, yet cost-competitive — Liquid Web is king. The host touts state-of-the-art hardware, on which you can install your choice of software, including operating system. All VPS plans come with the peace of mind of managed services and, of course, the around-the-clock attention of the Heroic Support team.

Accommodating up to 10TB of data transfer, Liquid Web’s fully managed virtual servers are ideal for fast-growing and high-traffic websites and apps. Develop in your favorite language or environment, such as ASP.NET or Visual Basic; enjoy the blazing-fast storage performance of ultra-reliable SSDs; and you can count on the supreme uptime rates retained by the Liquid Web system administrators and staff.

We recognize that not everyone is interested in or willing to blow hundreds or thousands of dollars on an experience, even a stellar web hosting experience. We kept budgetary concerns in mind when choosing our favorite hosts for affordable virtual servers.

Bringing free SSDs, full root access, and your choice of Linux or Windows operating system, Hostwinds offers a ton of VPS bang for just a few bucks a month. We found that the Hostwinds Windows VPS offering is cost-effective and feature-rich. It’s a bargain in Windows-friendly virtual server hosting, and the team is constantly innovating new in-house technologies to extend their server functionality and optimize their customers’ hosting experiences.

Managed VPS hosting services are akin to leasing a vehicle. You handle the software, as you would take care of gas and routine oil changes, while your host maintains the infrastructure in the same way the dealership would take care of any major body maintenance. Sure, it costs more, but its worth it for many folks who just don’t want the hassle.

All that to say, Liquid Web managed VPS plans are like renting a sports car for your road trip. Beginning with the free migration services and instant provisioning, Liquid Web’s VPS offering presents a white-glove service and a stress-free hosting environment. While you manage your website or web app’s development, Liquid Web will handle operating system updates, server patches, and spontaneous bug fixes. Your fully customizable Windows server is in good hands — and all Liquid Web’s Windows VPS plans are backed by a 100% uptime guarantee.

We’ve come to the end of our tour of the best virtual server hosts for Windows fans, and we hope you enjoyed the journey! So, will you be driving your trusty old sedan as you hit the road on your VPS getaway? Or will you be renting a shiny new sports car of a server for the occasion?

As you map out your trip, plan which features to pack, and consider the best route for your family or business, be sure to keep our experts’ findings and ratings in mind. In fact, you can go ahead and bookmark our host reviews now, and refer back to them the next time you’re ready to hit the road toward a new hosting home. Happy trails!


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