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Although WordPress often gets the name recognition and popularity, the Drupal content management system represents a tech enthusiast’s dream platform.

As an open-source publishing platform that predates WordPress by a few years, Drupal particularly resonates with researchers, developers, and those with large databases of information. Those looking for a high-performance system that can handle dense amounts of information and display it in meaningful, user-friendly ways will appreciate a self-hosted Drupal environment.

Many of the best web hosts in the world have tailored hosting plans to Drupal users, so our team took to the field to test out the top services and learn about the common features.

Initial setup — signing up with a host, downloading the necessary software, and customizing your first website — is arguably the most daunting part of website ownership for many beginners. Thankfully, control panels with quick-and-easy software installations mean you can download and install popular CMS and forum software, like Drupal, in as little as one click. Take a look at our favorite cPanel hosts that offer the industry standard.

Budget-minded hosting customers are probably wary of accumulating costs associated with starting a new website or online business. If you need to hire outside help with design or maintenance, or if you’re simply dealing with the financial hurdles of launching a new business, each additional credit card charge can make you shudder.

Fortunately, many of the best hosts cater plans to small budgets. They’ll package incredible benefits to offset any burdensome costs you may be experiencing with your new launch. A favorite package perk among hosting customers is a free domain name registration at signup, which covers roughly $15 of your first year’s expenses.

Once you have your Drupal installation and the perfect domain name, you’re now ready to start building. Features abound in the offerings of the top Drupal web hosts. Within the CMS, you can customize webpages exactly to your liking, and hosts like SiteGround will support you with unlimited resources — site traffic, MySQL databases, and email hosting at your free domain.

Drupal is the performance powerhouse of the CMS platforms — offering impressive security and speed right out of the box. Needless to say, hardware stability to match the software is probably important to Drupal hosting customers. However, powerful technology is nothing if you don’t know how to properly maintain it. Drupal-enabled servers are no exception. This is where managed Drupal hosting services can be a lifesaver.

Take InMotion Hosting, for example. All InMotion Hosting plans boast SSD-powered servers, and as part of the company’s managed hosting packages, InMotion Hosting will implement security measures and performance configurations to best fit your particular project and maximize uptime for your Drupal site.

Performance-packed Drupal takes the lead for many companies and developers in need of a powerful content management system, and the services atop our Drupal hosting reviews enable you to have a fully functioning website configured and live within minutes. With a winning web host on your team, your Drupal site is sure to come out with a victory.


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