12 Best “Email Hosting” Services ($1.99 to $3.99) — 2020 Reviews

If you’re on a quest for high quality email hosting, you’ve probably got one of two motives: Either you’re a business owner in need of a professional means to communicate with clients and company contacts, or you’re an individual establishing your personal brand. In either case, you want a reliable email service, unlimited resources, and, ideally, a free domain at which to host your email accounts.

This may not sound like such a tall order but sifting through the options online — all claiming to be the best — can make your eyes glaze over. Here, I’ll go over what we look for in the top email hosts, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your unique needs.

For an email host to have our endorsement, they should include email-specific features like webmail access and SPAM filtering. To make the top of the list, they should offer hosting for an unlimited number of accounts, easy setup with POP3 and IMAP support, and usually a free domain for at least a year.

Unlimited Email Hosting: iPage

If unlimited domains, email, and storage light up your board, iPage is your best bet. As you’re setting up your custom email address at your new (free) domain, you can take advantage of email forwarding tools, autoresponders, SPAM filtering, and virus protection. Therefore, iPage’s service is our top pick for unlimited resources and irreplaceable value in an email host.

Cheapest Email Hosting: GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s $1-hosting plans are an absolute steal in affordable email hosting. You may already know them as the world’s top domain name registrar, and they’re known throughout the industry for their domain, email, and shared hosting plans. With award-winning customer support, unlimited email accounts, and simple setup options, GoDaddy is the leader in cheap email hosting.

Email Server Hosting: InMotion

Our favorite for any and all server hosting needs, InMotion Hosting boasts plenty of processing power, disk space, and RAM options across all of their servers. They’ve got market-leading hardware and include free SSDs for added performance. If you’re looking for a dedicated email server, your search is over.

One of the most valuable features a host can offer to appeal to email hosting customers is a free domain name. Here are a few of our favorite providers that include a free domain on all plans:

Note that other hosts, such as GoDaddy, may include a free domain registration so long as you sign up for some flavor of annual plan.

Hosts like Bluehost and iPage have our vote for low-cost, all-inclusive email hosting because of the laundry list of features they offer customers for a few dollars a month.

The top-recommended and lowest-cost email hosting options might include the following:

  • Free domain name with unlimited email accounts hosted at that domain
  • Secure email protocols with support for IMAP and/or POP3
  • Virus protection and SPAM filtering
  • Autoresponders and webmail access
  • 24/7 support and equally reliable hardware

These are just some of the features a budget-conscious shopper might be looking for in an email host. To browse the best of cheap hosting options, head over to our cheap hosting reviews.

If you’re on the business end of the customer spectrum, you’re looking for reliability and support for a variety of communication needs as you evaluate the top email services. We discuss the best options for small startups, global enterprises, and everything in between below.

For Small Business: iPage

If you’re a startup or a small- to medium-sized business, iPage offers low-cost options that are great for small or growing companies on a budget. With your free domain name registration, you get hosting for unlimited domains and emails, plus $150 in free advertising credits, should you need to market a new website as well. The host’s email tools include webmail, autoresponders, email forwarding, and security features like SPAM filters and virus protection.

For Enterprise: InMotion

Fast-growing or larger companies can count on InMotion for their email hosting needs. Their plans tout business-class hardware and SSD storage for added performance. You can get unlimited disk space, emails, and domains, and all of their email hosting plans include SPAM Safe™ protection with IMAP security.

Even if you’re not running a burgeoning business, there’s the personal branding component to what an email host can offer. Maybe you’re a graduate student building your personal portfolio and publishing your resumé online when your realize Corporate Hiring Managers are less likely to respond to [email protected] Wouldn’t it be nice to reach out from [email protected] instead? Or maybe you’re establishing a side biz to bring in some extra cash. Would you rather folks considering you for freelance work reach out to [email protected] or [email protected]?

This is where an email host like SiteGround can be a winning deal for individuals. SiteGround will give you a free domain name, where you get unlimited email hosting that’s compatible with most all major email and webmail clients (RoundCube, Outlook, SquirrelMail, etc.). Your email is secured with integrated anti-SPAM protection, and you can easily manage your account via cPanel, the web’s leading control panel for hosting.

While all the hosts atop our email hosting reviews tout reliable security features, SiteGround and InMotion lead the market when it comes to secure email hosting. As you’re comparing hosting plans, look for words like IMAP or POP3, SPAM filtering, virus protection, and 24/7 server monitoring. SiteGround and InMotion Hosting offer all of the above, whether you’re shopping for business or pleasure.

Knowing the communications-specific features to keep an eye out for, and the hosts that offer them for a reasonable price, you’re all set to get started with the best email hosting service for you. Whether you’re planning the launch of Dan Jones Independent Design or setting up accounts for your 10-year-old established practice, the top email hosts empower you to communicate professionally, personally, and cost-effectively. Best of all: You can be signed up (with your free domain!) in mere minutes.


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