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On Writing, Ideas, and Making a Difference

Making Sense of Email Marketing (for Creative People)

Whether you want to write books, make art, or share your music with the world, having an email list of fans is a must. Email is the most effective way to communicate with your people.

5 Ways to Build an Email List

It’s one thing to understand the importance of email marketing and quite another to actually build an email list that allows you to reach a large audience.

How to Write Better Email

Some fads have come and gone and come back again. And some have stayed gone. But do you know what has always remained? Email.

Why You Need an Email List Now

You need an email list. It’s just that simple. If you want to write a book that sells thousands of copies or more, you need people paying attention to your work. If you want your message to spread, you need people’s permission to communicate with them. And if you want your words to change something, then you need an audience.

How to Travel the World and Write About It: Lex Latkovski

Is it possible to live a life on your own terms? Can you do what you want even when it defies the expectations of others? Is the way you’re living right now a story that others would want to tell? And how do you do all this with bills to pay and responsibilities to manage?

Your Best Creative Tool (Is You) with Paul Jarvis

One question I keep hearing is: What’s your favorite writing tool? It’s always good to ask what’s working for someone, but this question represents a popular misconception about creative work.

Why You Failed at That Last Goal You Set (And How the Rule of the Quick Win Can Save You)

You didn’t fail. The goal was to learn something, so if you learned, you succeeded. It’s only when the unexpected happens and we don’t learn from it that we really fail. The reason why you may not have achieved what you set out to achieve was that you were measuring (and therefore expecting) the wrong thing.

Why Anyone Buys Anything: How to Close the Sale on a Product Launch

Why does anyone buy anything? Because the cost of not having it is greater than the cost of acquiring it. This is true for almost everything but especially for sales and marketing. If you want to thrive as a creative professional, you need to understand what it takes for someone to buy from you. Otherwise, you just might starve.

Quick Product Launch Guide and Checklist

When is it time to launch your latest product? The answer is before you think it’s ready. This is where you make your product public. Is it a book? A course? A new coaching program? Now is the time for you to let the world know.

Everything You Need to Know to Build Your First Digital Product (Plus All the Tools to Get Started)

Digital products have changed my life. Courses. Ebooks. Coaching programs. Masterminds. Membership sites. All of it.

Making things and sharing them on the Internet has revolutionized the way I live, learn, and earn a living. And if you aren’t taking advantage of this revolution right now, you are missing out on a lot.


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