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Google Introduces Interactive Ads With 3D Objects

Google is introducing a new display ad format, called Swirl, that allows users to interact with 3D objects.

Marketers can utilize their company’s existing 3D assets to produce ads that engage users by letting them rotate the object and zoom in and out.

Google shared an example from a cosmetics company that created a 3D ad for one of its fragrances.

Google Introduces Interactive Ads With 3D Objects

Notice how every interaction with the object creates an opportunity to provide more information about the product. As the perfume bottle is rotated several pieces of information appear with notes about the scent.

Google says the Swirl ad format is designed for mobile, but in the example above you can see the ad is being displayed on a desktop screen.

So perhaps the ads work best on mobile but are also capable of being displayed on desktop.

In any case, here’s an example of Swirl display ads on a mobile device:

Google Introduces Interactive Ads With 3D Objects

Advertisers that already have 3D assets can create a Swirl ad unit by using the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Designer.

Google has also introduced a new editor on its 3D platform Poly that will allow advertisers to edit their 3D models before publishing them in Swirl ads.

Google offers assistance, via 3D production partners, to advertisers who need help creating 3D objects.

The Swirl display ad format will be rolling out later this summer.

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