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This page presents relationship diagrams of Google Ads entities, with clickable
images that take you to the most appropriate documentation.

Notation legend

  1. Entity: links to the most relevant guide.
  2. Cardinality: Allowable number of instances. For
    example, 1..* means that one or more are allowed. However, this does not
    imply that there are no limits.
  3. Object/Class: links to the latest reference page.
  4. A solid-line box denotes mandatory groupings. For example,
    Campaign Groups belong to Account.
  5. A dotted-line box denotes optional groupings. For example, a Campaign
    can belong to a Campaign Group or just exists under an account without
    any associated Campaign Group.
  6. A solid line between two boxes establishes a relationship.
    Cardinality for the relationship is noted beneath the line. For example,
    zero to many Ad extensions can be associated with an Account.
  7. Composition: Denoted by a solid rhombus, represents a relationship
    where an entity is composed of some other entities. For example,
    ExtensionSetting is composed of ExtensionFeedItem objects.
  8. Inheritance: Denoted by a hollow triangle, represents an “IS-A”
    relationship where an entity is a sub-type of another. For example,
    AppFeedItem is a type of ExtensionFeedItem.

Entity diagrams

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Ad extensions

Bidding strategy configuration and bidding


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