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Each AdWords API developer token is assigned an access level and “permissible
use”. The access level determines whether you can affect production
accounts and the number of operations that you can execute daily. Permissible
determines the specific AdWords API features that the developer token is
allowed to use.

Access levels

There are three different access levels listed in order in the table. If you do
not already have AdWords API access, you can start by signing
to obtain test account access. You can increase
the access level by completing additional application instructions.

Access level Can access… Daily operational limit Daily report request limit Apply
Test account access Test accounts 10,000 operations / day 1,000 requests / day Instructions
Basic access Test and production accounts 10,000 operations / day 1,000 requests / day Instructions
Standard access Test and production accounts Unlimited operations / day Unlimited requests / day Instructions

Read on to learn more about the different access levels in detail.

Test account access

Once you complete the initial signup for the AdWords API, you will be issued a
developer token with the test account access level. This means that the
developer token can only make AdWords API requests against test accounts.

Applying for test account access

Simply complete the AdWords API sign up within
the Google Ads UI and you will automatically be granted the test account access

Basic access

Basic access allows the developer token to make AdWords API requests against
both test accounts and production accounts. Production accounts are any
accounts that serve real, live Google ads (test accounts do not serve ads).

Basic access level allows the developer token to execute up to 10,000 operations
per day, and download up to 1,000 reports per day. This is sufficient for most

For the number of operations consumed in a request, check the
operations response header.

Applying for Basic access

If you currently have a test account access level developer token and you would
like to apply for production account access, please fill out the basic access
application form
. Make sure you
have followed these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you already have a developer token with test account access level.
  2. Ensure that the API Contact Email in the AdWords API center is up-to-date.
    You will not be able to complete the application process without a valid,
    regularly checked Developer Contact Email. Ensure you have linked all of your
    active Google Ads accounts to the manager account with the API token.

Standard access

Standard access allows the developer token to execute an unlimited number of
operations and report requests per day. Standard access level will only be
granted to developers who require unlimited AdWords API operations (typically
large companies or tools which serve many users).

Applying for Standard access

If you currently have basic access level and you would like to apply for
unlimited AdWords API operations, fill out the standard access application

If your tool is external, please be prepared to provide demo log-in access to
your tool. Note that your tool must comply with the Required Minimum

Permissible use

Permissible use only applies to Basic Access and Standard Access tokens.
Permissible use is allocated based on intended use of the AdWords API. These
permissions determine what features of the API a token can be used for, as
elaborated in the table below.

Following is a list of permissible uses:

Permissible Use Description
Ad creation / management Provide access to all services of the API for creating and managing
Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords.
Reporting Only make calls to the report service (i.e. read-only calls). This is
for developers who only use the API to pull reports.
Researching keywords Allow the token to access
TargetingIdeaService and
This is only used by tools requiring keyword suggestions or traffic to help
facilitate the creation and management of Google Ads campaigns.

Changing permissible use

If you have been approved for either the basic access or standard access level,
you can fill out our application to update permissible
. Please fill out the
application if you would like to update your permissible use, or if you grant
your clients access to your tool.

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