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  • How to Boost Content Linkability Without Wasting Your Marketing&nbspBudget

    I’m always fascinated with the marketing budgets of enterprise-level companies that are ready to pay astronomical sums to contractors. A recent shmooze in the community was thanks to Hertz that paid 32M to Accentura agency, which (so far) hasn’t resulted in any substantial changes to their site. Though I personally don’t work with client’s who throw around millions of dollars, that doesn’t affect the quality of services that I provide. My average client wants to get the maximum by spending as little as possible. It might sound like a tough job for me and indeed it is, but I love the challenges that a small budget brings, as it helps me stay creative and reach new professional heights. So while the budget isn’t a challenge, changing my client’s mindset is, and that’s because all of my clients are victims of one of the biggest misconceptions about content marketing: They think that once they start publishing content pieces regularly, inbound traffic will hit their site like a meteorite.  And it’s not just the traffic — links are a subject to a similar misconception. Each time I share studies like the one by Brian Dean that clearly shows that links don’t come on its own, there’s always …

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  • Resources to Help You Be More Awesome

    Resources to Help You Be More Awesome

    Note: Some of these resources are free, and some aren’t. Those that are paid resources are affiliate products or services, meaning if you buy them, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. Please know that I have personal experience with all of the following resources, which is why I recommend them. Every writer,…

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  • 101 Quick & Actionable SEO Tips That Are HUGE

    101 Quick & Actionable SEO Tips That Are HUGE

    What do you want?For your content to rank well on Google.When do you want it?Now!Here’s the thing.Many SEO tactics just don’t work anymore. If you’re using outdated tactics, it’s time to rethink your approach to SEO.Other tactics get a lot of attention. But sometimes it turns out that those new and cool trendy tactics don’t…

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